Implementing good governance in sport.

We are a sports governance company that collaborates with public and private organizations and civil society in the implementation of good governance in organizations and sporting events.

Our customers are:

  • Public entities;
  • Regional Sports Organizations (ODEBO, ODECABE, ODESUR, PASO);
  • Sports Confederations;
  • Athlete's Commissions;
  • Sponsors who want to know the state of the governance in the sports organization;
  • National Olympic Committees;
  • National Federations;

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Good Governance

We carry out independent and autonomous studies on the governance of sports organizations.

We work with Executive Committees, Athletes' Commissions, sponsors, and other stakeholders to identify the characteristics of governance in the sports organization.

We analyze national and subnational sports organizations that belong to the structures of the associated sport (Olympic Committee, Paralympic, Sports Associations, Leagues, and Clubs).


Public Policy

We promote the signing of agreements for good governance and transparency in sports between the public and private actors.

We can harmonize the administrative, legal, sports and social indicators with metrics of good sports governance.

We train public and private bodies on governance, transparency and anti-corruption issues in sport.



We do facilitate the self-assessment and feedback of governance with multiple stakeholders in real time and online.

We do create a compliance channel in sports managed with independent and secure servers, guaranteeing the anonymity of the complainant.

We systematize our contents in virtual education platforms for sports organizations.


We belong to a global network with 138 sports managers from 49 countries. Our latest research about Elite Sport Governance in Colombia was supported by The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.