Good governance in sport

We are a sports governance company that collaborates with public and private organizations and civil society to foster a positive change in the sports' governance.

Our customers are:

  • Public entities;
  • Regional Sports Organizations (ODEBO, ODECABE, ODESUR, PASO);
  • Sports Confederations;
  • Athlete's Commissions;
  • Sponsors who want to know the state of the governance in the sports organization;
  • National Olympic Committees;
  • National Federations;

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We run an online education platform for sports organizations.

We create educational programs in multimedia formats.

We perform the production and management of online courses.

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We manage a compliance channel in partnership with a specialized corporation in Spain and, servers in the United States.

We promote the signing of agreements between stakeholders and the running of Codes of Ethics and Transparency in sports.

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We validate international indicators of good governance in sports to be applied at national and subnational levels.

We run a system of indicators to facilitate the self-assessment of governance by multiple stakeholders.

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Our Network

We belong to a global network with 138 sports managers from 49 countries. Our latest research about Elite Sport Governance in Colombia was supported by The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

We will participate in the World Play The Game Conference in the United States and in the Conference of the World Association of Sports Management in Chile.



LOGO Dieztra

Asociación Colombiana de Derecho Deportivo

(Colombian Association of Sports Law)