About us

We are civil society members interested in improving capacities in sport public and private organizations, especially in the integrity sport field.

We are concerned about the raise of an industry around the sports integrity, and the lack of transparency in the management of sport. The problem within the industry is their ineffectiveness, and the lack of credibility in the organizations who take part and fund it.

TD is not a traditional organization. We do not want to be one. We are a group of people selfmanaged, with agendas and diverse projects. TD is a platform for:

  1. To influence positively in the management sport policies.

  2. To create networks of collaboration between organizations, people, and projects.

  3. To call the attention of authorities to the need to improve transparency and accountability in sport.

  4. To create a model for better governance from the bottom up, with the participation of athletes and other stakeholders.

  5. To make visible, public information about sport and its branches. 

  6. To publish our work.

We have done projects with public and private organizations in different places.

TD has members in several countries of the region. Contact us to make part of change.






Canadá and the US


  • 2019. Pacto por la Buena Gobernanza y la Transparencia del Deporte Asociado.
  • 2019. Fútbol Transparente. Transparencia por Colombia; FanVox; Foro Nacional.
  • 2019. Observatorio del Deporte Asociado. RIASPORT.
  • 2019. Project Proposal Award. Korean Sports Promotion Foundation. KSPO.
  • 2019. Play the Game. Good governance in Elite Sports in Colombia: Comparisons among athletes and executives. Colorado Springs.
  • 2021. Activism for transparency in sport. Visions from Colombia and Panama. Bulgarian Sports Development Association.
  • 2020. Gobernanza y Deporte. ACODEPA.
  • 2021. Plan Estratégico Federación Ecuatoriana de Tenis de Mesa
  • 2022. Play the Game, Odense. Observatorio Ciudadano de Corrupción en el Deporte.
  • 2022. Play the Game, Odense. Legitimidad en las Federaciones Deportivas Nacionales.
  • 2022. Política Pública del Deporte, la Recreación, la Actividad Física y la Educación Física.