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The integrity of sport is on the public agenda. We bring the conversation inside the sports system. eGobernanza is the online education platform for sports organizations. Anytime, anywhere.

Transparency without excuses

We did a Transparency in Sports Index to assess transparency in sports organizations. It can be done by multiple stakeholders. Get to know the TSI here.


# FútbolTransparente is a Colombian project in partnership with Transparencia por Colombia (TI), National Forum for Colombia and FanVox, a digital platform for football fans. In 2019, we do belong to this initiative to improve the governance of professional and amateur football in Colombia.

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Education, Assesment, Implementation

The management of sport is characterized by special participation dynamics that sometimes conflict with national norms and the norms of organizations such as the IOC, FIFA, and other International Federations.

The voice of athletes and other stakeholders had never been so influential and necessary for the System.

We do offer to the sports movement an independent and professional organization to assist the progress of good governance in sport.

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We believe in a decentralized Sports System, guided by evidence-based decision-making, in the strategic management of human resources and the participation of multiple stakeholders in the administration of national and sub-national sport.

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We are looking for people and organizations which belief in the power of networking, cooperation, and teamwork. Do you have a project to improve the governance of your sport? Write to us, we are growing...