How do we do it?

We promote the signing of agreements between local authorities and organizations-sporting events.

We carry out educational projects on anti-corruption, anti-doping, good governance, integrity and transparency in sports.

The implementation of a self-evaluation system. Monitoring of governance by athletes and other relevant stakeholders.

Who are our customers?

People and organizations interested in knowing the governance of sports organizations/events. This includes public sports bodies, athletes' commissions, sponsors, executives of federations (NGB) and regional sports organizations such as (PASO, ODESUR, ASC).

Why support this project?

Transparency in sports is an independent organization and works to keep it that way. We are free of political and commercial interference.

How can I join?

Acquiring our services.
Connecting with potential customers.
Connecting with organizations that support the fight against corruption.
Providing new ideas

How does my organization benefit?

Improving management processes within your sports organization.
Understanding the governance of the sports organization to which you sponsor (public and private sports sponsors).

Adopting Universal Core Principles of Good Governance of the Olympic System and the Sports Movement according to the IOC's Agenda 2020.

What are the instruments they use?

We use the Universal Basic Principles of Good Governance of the Olympic System and the Sports Movement as the main input. Organizations can set their own indicators based on validated ones such as the ASOIF (Association of International Olympic Sports Federations of Summer) and BIBGIS (Basic Indicators for Better Governance in International Sport).

What are your results?

We deliver a diagnosis of the organizations in 3 months; an action plan to implement good governance in the organization and enable software for the organization for 9 months for follow-up and feedback from relevant stakeholders.

Do they have customer service?

Yes, via Skype or WhatsApp according to your project features.