The Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation partners with TS to formulate its Strategic Plan

Transparency in Sports will work in partnership with the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation to carry out the formulation of its Strategic Plan 2021-2028, a document that will be the organization’s roadmap towards the future, and that will be built with the participation of all its stakeholders. The pillars will be transparency in the rules, risk management and respect for minorities, among others.

The strategic planning exercise, in charge of Transparency in Sports and a team of experts, will use a participatory methodology where all the interest groups of table tennis in Ecuador will have voice: athletes, coaches, judges, parents and representatives of clubs.

In this way, the Plan will be aligned with the strategies of the International Table Tennis Federation, the continental bodies that govern it, the Universal Basic Principles of Good Governance of the IOC and the local policies of Ecuador, established in the Constitution and the Law of sport. The basic principles to be adopted are:

  • Transparency in the rules.

• Risk management.

• Efficient internal communication.

• Shared and controlled responsibilities.

• Regular and legitimate elections.

• The right to appeal all disciplinary measures; and

• Respect for minorities.

Why is important the Strategic Planning of a sports organization?

Proper strategic planning can make a difference in the performance of an organization. We are in a world of constant transformation, and administrators and board members face situations of great uncertainty. These can be overcome with a Strategic Plan that helps them decide what actions to take.

As if that were not enough, there is academic evidence that establishes a correlation between performance and planning: organizations that use strategic planning have higher levels of performance (Robbins & Coulter, 2007).

As a consequence, the 2021-2028 Plan of the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation is a window to the future for the development of this sport in Ecuador, and it will be a collective construction that will leave a transcendental legacy in the country.