About us

We are a sports governance company, legally constituted in Colombia to produce a positive change in the governance of sport.

We promote better governance in sports organizations with through Education, Implementation and Assessment tools.

Our history

Transparency in sports arises from the need of running the voluntary sports organizations in a professional way in Colombia and Latin America.

There is a gap between the public and private administration of sport.

We believe that volunteer sports leaders need professional and independent assistance to produce a positive change in sports management.

What does it mean Transparency in Sport?

Transparency refers to the "degree of openness in the transmission of information" (Ball, 2009).

Transparency allows external actors to supervise the functioning of an organization and, therefore, reduce the likelihood of opportunistic behavior. The control procedures are fundamental to avoid the concentration of power and ensure that decision-making is solid, independent and free of undue influence.

We believe in a decentralized Sports System, guided by the decision-making based on evidence, in the strategic management of human resources and the participation of multiple stakeholders in the national and subnational sports administration.

Our team

We work in a network adding people and organizations interested in the good governance of sport.

Do you want to work with us? Contact us at info@transparenciaeneldeporte.com

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Mauricio Hernández
Founder and executive director

Mauricio has explored the management of elite sport for more than 10 years through academic research at the Technological University of Pereira (2000-2006); the National School of Sports (2007-2009); the University of Antioquia (2012-2014); and the National University of Seoul (2017-2019).

He will show our work this year in the Play The Game's World Conference in Colorado Springs, United States, and the Conference of World Association of Sports Management.


Nicolás Castillo Abad
Community Manager

Nicolás is a young Argentinean journalist who collaborates with us from Buenos Aires. He is our community manager and is in charge of our communication strategy. Nico is passionate about journalism, international politics, and the Olympic movement. He has collaborated with several digital media in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. He currently works at the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina and is the press manager of the Monterrey Olympic City Foundation. 

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Chirag Jain

Chirag is an Indian physicist, computer specialist at Seoul National University (2015-2019). He has more than five years of experience in data management and information technology. He has worked with clients such as Samsung, Netmarble and Phill IT (2014-2019).

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Juan F. Gutierrez

Pacho is one of the few people who has been an academic, researcher, writer and sports leader in the public and private sectors. More than 20 years of experience, publications, distinctions and contributions to the sector are a guarantee of high value for the organizations that work with us.